Putnam Block Redevelopment: Phase II

Location: Bennington, Vermont
Cost: $42,600,000
Size: 92,130 square feet
Type: Downtown Mixed-use
Status: In Design

Mount Anthony House is the exciting second phase of the Putnam Revitalization Project.

Community leaders launched the ambitious, multi-phase project in 2016 with the goal of transforming a whole city block in the heart of downtown Bennington, Vermont. The group’s aspirations extend beyond the Putnam Block, however. They wanted to renew the community’s faith in its local economy and create a strong sense of place.

This second phase includes the infill development of a new building on a remediated Brownfield site within walking distance of downtown Bennington’s amenities. The new structure will follow Vermont’s stringent energy standards and provide a mix of health care offices, retail space, rental apartments, and condominiums.

Over several decades, this area has experienced a decline in both the quantity and quality of residential rentals. Putnam Community Health’s 60 new housing units will help reactivate the severely distressed downtown. The new housing builds off the 22 units created in Putnam I and unlock the potential for 30 more units of permanently affordable housing in phase III