GS Precision Expansion

Location: Brattleboro, Vermont
Cost: $17,400,000
Size: 122,000 square feet
Type: Manufacturing Facility
Status: Completed 2017

In April, 2015 the Brattleboro community became aware that one of its largest employers of skilled workers was planning to move out of state.  Realizing the blow this would deal to Brattleboro’s economic viability in the wake of the recent Vermont Yankee closing and subsequent loss of 500 high-paying jobs, M&S Development partnered with Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) to “sell Vermont”to the owner of GS Precision, Inc.

The GS Precision Expansion project went through several iterations as development options were presented to the owner.  With a preferred concept in place M&S and BDCC structured a financing package. They worked with the owner’s architectural team to create a project which enabled this Vermont company to expand and meet its production commitments at its current facilities in Brattleboro.

M&S took the lead on navigating the complicated financing package and in negotiating with the owner to assure an economically attractive agreement for the company.  They worked closely with state regulators and town officials to achieve the compressed schedule. Remarkably, the project closed eight months after inception.