M&S Development Opportunities

Omega Optical OPTIC


For 50 years, Omega Optical has been recognized as one of the most creative and accomplished problem solvers in the optical filter industry, producing filters used in NASA’s Hubble telescope and Mars Rovers, as well as DNA mapping in the Human Genome Project. Today, Omega has 92 employees working in high-paying, high-quality jobs, yet due to its rural location, struggles to attract the skilled talent it needs to grow its operations in an industry that is experiencing explosive global growth. Read more here.




Putnam Community Health Center


The Putnam Block Redevelopment Project is an ambitious, multi-phase, community-led project that will transform a full city block in the heart of downtown Bennington, Vermont. The project is designed to create a strong sense of place and to promote personal wellness in a highly distressed rural area. The first phase is already underway. M&S Development will continue its partnership with the community and local business leaders to advance the next stage of the project—Putnam Community Health Center—that will include infill development of a new but architecturally consistent mixed-use building on a remediated Brownfield site, where low-income residents can satisfy many of their needs within a short walk. Read more about this project here.