Financing For Projects That Don’t Pencil Out

  • Market Drivers

  • Community-Enabled Development

  • Tax Efficient Financing

  • Tenant-Financed Housing­­

Revitalizing Communities

Revitalizing prominent downtown buildings acts as a catalytic shot in the arm to the community. It provides an influx of energy and activity, raises property values, and reverses cycles of decline into those of increasing prosperity and energy.

However, all too often when developing projects in economically challenged communities, the cost far exceeds the amount of borrowed funds available for the project. Local rents will not support a “typical” return on equity for these risks. When redevelopment is not economically viable by conventional methods, something is needed to bridge the gap.

How Do You Approach Projects That Don’t Pencil Out?

There is a model of community-enabled development that combines community investment with a mix of federal tax credits and state support that has been successful in revitalizing downtowns. The funding is a complex, multi-layered combination of historic and New Markets Tax Credits, state support, public loans, and private investment: civic-minded investment for the community’s benefit.

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